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Today’s Development Manager is tomorrow’s VP Engineering. Today’s Principal Engineer is tomorrow’s Chief Architect. Today’s Product Leader is tomorrow’s CEO. This is it. Now is the time. You are ready to tackle the biggest technical challenge of your life. You’ve scaled, optimized, and blown every KPI out of the water. And now you are ready to put everything you know to work scaling an idea you care about, solving a problem that really matters, and seeing a personal return on your career investments.
Harness your superpowers. Do it with Velocity.

Functional Roles Placed

  • Technical Executive Leadership, Management & Individual Contributors
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Chief Technology Officer, Chief Software Architect
  • Sr. Data Scientist & Data Engineer
  • Sr. Software & Principal Software Engineers – Front-end, Back-end; Systems, Middleware, Applications.
  • Research Leadership (Sr Research Engineer, Executive Research Directors)
  • UI/UX Design
  • Sr. Hardware and Principal Hardware Engineers
  • Sr and Principal Mechanical Engineers
  • IT – VP Information Technology, CIO

Technical Expertise

  • IoT (internet of things), Nanotech, iDevices & Embedded Software
  • High Performance, Large Scale Distributed & Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Parallel Computing
  • Information Storage & Retrieval – scalable database and index design
  • Consumer Software, B2B, e-Commerce
  • Natural Language Processing – parsing, semantics, text, meaning extraction
  • Business Intelligence; Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining
  • Algorithmic Design – Cognitive, neural networks, genetic algorithms, statistical modeling, analytics
  • Emerging Technologies; Web Apps, Mobile Computing & Apps, Open Source Software, Big Data, Saas, Geo-Location, Digital and Social Media, Education, Games & more
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Communications, Networking, Collaboration, Workflow, Process management
  • PC, Tablet, Mobile, and Independent Platforms/Operating Systems
  • Embedded/Firmware Software
  • Device Hardware
  • Development Tools, languages, compilers
  • Security Software; Encryption, Privacy, and Malware Prevention

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