Elusive Talent, meet Rocket Ship

“If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat.
Just get on.”
-Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook (from: Lean In)

You can’t do it alone. How will you know when your rocket ship has come in?  This is what we do. We search, we find, we tap.
 When the stars align, we’ll tap you.  We’ll connect you with your dream team.   Do it with Velocity.


Do It with Velocity


This firm gets amazing results with speed and agility.  We hired a rock star principal engineer to take our distributed systems architecture to the next level. We were thrilled with the intensity of focus, the drive for results and the outcome for VMware – we did it with Velocity!  
Mario Linares
Sr. Staffing Manager (Executive Tech Search) @ VMware
Velocity finds the best person for the job. They do not dwell on whether a person is available or not.  If it’s the right time and the right opportunity for someone’s career trajectory, they go get him/her. We got outstanding results making our first outside hire for Nurego  – we did it with Velocity!
Harel Kodesh
CEO @ Nurego
I’ve never worked with recruiters that provide the level of consultation and sophistication that this firm does.  Velocity brought us several rock star engineers who were on the cusp of their career trajectory to help scale SocialCode’s architecture – we were blown away with Velocity!
Jason McKerr
VP Engineering @SocialCode
Velocity was super creative with their business model and bent over backwards to accommodate our extremely demanding hiring bar.  I was skeptical at first because of my previous experience with recruiting firms, but Velocity is different.   We are absolutely raving fans here at Ai2 – we hire with Velocity!
Scott Parrish
CfO @ Ai2